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Michael Spano

Rustic Cuts Salon

I was commissioned to redesign the website for a salon located in New Jersey. The client wanted a "Rustic" theme for the salon, which required an entire rebrand for the business. They wanted to lean into the "western cowboy" side of rustic and use the colors and styles associated with it.

I was commissioned to design the logo for a small esports team. The client wanted to use the color scheme of pinks, blues, and oranges, as well as incorporate the aspects of the lo-fi music genre. 

Lo-Fi Esports

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This is my personal logo that I use for my own brand and stream. I wanted to focus on the light pinks and blues and simply the whole thing by not using too many shapes. The S represent my last name which is also my branding on other sites.

Personal Logo

Personal Stream Elements

These are my personal stream elements including "Starting Soon"and "Be Right Back" graphics as well as an in game overlay. For the designs I kept the same elements of my logo and incorporated them into everything in a different way. The colors are consistent throughout, and in multiple cases I use the detail pattern as a darkened background on some of the graphics. Overall the idea was to stay super simple while using the fun colors to add vibrance. 

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